Campaign finished on 30.12.2016. This offer is no longer valid. The winner is announced.
Two passionate rounds During 10 days
Epic leaderboard for sports fans!







Make minimum 5 combinations
with a bet of at least 5 d.
Each odd at least 1.3

With losing bet slip get a place in the leaderboard
Win share of 200 000 d!

Place A Bet

Rule of accumulation of points

Missed positions Accumulated points
One missed 100% of bet
Two missed 50% of bet
Three missed 25% of bet

First place prize

25 000 d


Second place prize

15 000 d


Third place prize

10 000 d


Fourth place prize

5 000 d


Fifth place prize

4 000 d


250 Winners



Terms and conditions

  • The first round of the campaign begins on December 17 (00:00) and ends on December 22 (3:00). The second round begins on December 26 (00: 00) and ends on December 31 (3:00);
  • The campaign involves all the bet slips that will contain the game of one or several days. For the first round will be considered games which will be held till December 21,
    and for the second till December 30;
  • During the campaign, the minimum bet amount is 5 GEL, the maximum amount is not limited;
  • Minimum number of combinations in a single bet slip must be 5;
  • Each odd should be at least 1.3, maximum odd is not limited;
  • If a player does not guess the outcome of one game receives points according to the full bet amount;
  • If a player does not guess the outcome of two games gets points according to the half of the bet amount;
  • If a player does not guess the outcome of 3, receives points according to a quarter of the bet amount;
  • If missed outcomes are 4 or more bet slip is not valid for the campaign;
  • In case of identical bets on the bet slips, will be counted guessed odds and the best result will be considered as final one;
  • In accordance with the preceding rule, all be slips made by one user during 24 hours will be taken into account when calculating the total points;
  • The prize pool - 200 000 GEL;
  • Players will be able to watch the progress of the other participants in the leaderboard;
  • Leaderboard will be updated daily;
  • System bet slips do not participate in this promotion;
  • Если одна из игр приведённых в билете отменена или провалена, позиция в билете будет ровна 1;
  • Bet slips may be composed from the mobile and desktop versions;
  • Any unfair play and cheating will be punished according to the rules of the Europebet and player would not be able to get the prize;
  • Europebet reserves the right to cancel or change the campaign, for any reason.

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